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Go online and extend the number of approached customers via our market amoeba Avenue!

What makes amoeba Shop exceptional?
Optimize social-network sell
Simplify the sell-and-buy process via social channels.
High security
Keep your information personal by saving all data on users’ drives, not in our system.
Auto analytics
Auto-analyze and export the store data to an Excel file on your drive.
Easy to use
The smart, simple, serverless, headless solution that everyone can use.

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Frequently asked questions
What is amoeba Shop?
amoeba Shop is an application that helps users manage their online business effectively. The application provides outstanding features such as posting products, creating links for orders, notifying when an order is available, and managing customer information. By using this application, users will have opportunities to reach out to the amoeba Avenue community.
What is amoeba Avenue?
amoeba Avenue is a trading community where sellers can post their products for sale and buyers can easily find products that fit their needs. With amoeba Avenue, buyers can search for nearby shops and make an order for delivery, order for self-pick-up, make a reservation or go to the shop and order at the table.
Who can use amoeba Shop to sell products?
Everyone, from individual sellers to small and medium-sized organizations, and even large businesses, can add their products to the amoeba Shop and sell them in the amoeba Avenue community.
How to sell products in the amoeba Avenue community?
Download the amoeba Shop app at the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) to your phone and sign up for an account with your phone number. Then, set up your address to locate a group of nearby buyers and you can start selling products.
Is amoeba Shop free? Does the App manage orders and request revenue sharing from orders on amoeba Shop?
All information on your amoeba Shop is stored in your personal Google Drive account instead of our system, so Amoeba Shop does not control or share profits on any orders.
We offer completely free service for the first 100 orders and then charge only $1/month. However, you can invite your friends to use amoeba Shop to continue using the service for free. When a new user applies your referral code when creating an account, you get an extra month of free usage and an extra 1 year free when 10 new users apply your referral code.

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