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Where your talents and the needs of the world cross,
there lies your vocation.― Aristotle

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Sustainable infrastructure

Sustainable infrastructure

Modern & easy-to-use solution

Modern & easy-to-use solution

Suitable for all

Suitable for all

Our services

amoeba Group provides the optimal solution for anyone, from retail sellers/micro sellers, small & medium companies to enterprises with various services.

Development Operation

amoeba provides all the services from planning to building development solutions according to customers' needs.
  • Build system
  • Technical support
  • Digital transformation

Business Process Outsourcing

We provide all types of Business Process Outsourcing that satisfy all customers' requirements.
  • Management Support
  • Design & Publishing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Operation/CS Outsourcing


We offer consulting services for the business from starting to activating effectively in different areas of multi markets.
  • Incubating
  • Growth Consulting
  • Marketing Consulting
Commerce Platform




Bring your product to more customers with amoeba commerce environment!
  • Simplify the sell-and-buy process via social channels.
  • Keep your information personal by saving all data on users’ drives, not in our system.
  • Auto-analyze and export the store data to an Excel file on your drive.
  • The smart, simple, serverless, headless solution that everyone can use.
  • amoeba shop
  • amoeba avenue
  • amoeba store
  • amoeba sync
  • amoeba enterprise
  • amoeba shop
  • amoeba avenue
  • amoeba store
  • amoeba sync
  • amoeba enterprise

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